I just wanted to thank you for being such a pleasure to work with and selling me such a wonderful horse! Risk, or as we now call him "Mowgli" is doing great. He is such a mush and already a barn favorite. He walked into our barn on the first day and acted like he's lived there all his life. It didn't take me long to fall in love with this one, he is a pleasure to ride and all around just a good, honest, sane horse. He is certainly stuck with me for life! Thank you !

Danielle Hadfield
Long Island, NY


Seanna McClennahan
Hickory, North Carolina

Dear Deborah,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU! My trainer and I absolutely adore Tempesto. I never thought I could afford to buy a sound world-class horse on my budget. You not only found the perfect match but you made sure every detail was attended to perfectly! He arrived almost before we got home! We are gearing towards Rolex hopefully by next year.


He jumps 4 ft. easily and honestly, He is the safest ride I ever had cross country, jumps anything, and his dressage work could stand on its own. After one week he has adapted well to his pasture mates, got his gallops and settled right in! He loves his life. Such a great mannered horse!
We have 3 horses at my barn that cost many more thousands of dollars and everyone says I got the deal of a lifetime....well worth the 10 hours at the airport! If you ever come across another one like this one, call us right away! We'll be on the next flight!

Kind Regards,
Seanna McClennahan
Hickory, North Carolina

Jackie Hackett, NY
"When I came to your place the first time, I was looking for a horse for someone else - I didn't even want one for myself at that time. Fate stepped in and I not only found a horse, but a true partner. Since buying her, We have been hunter pacing all over the place. This horse has the best heart I have ever known. She is so athletic and driven, she has never once so much as looked at a jump, she just goes for it, ears up and full speed ahead. We are two-time winners at Bedford-- almost impossible.

We have won at Sussex, Putnam, Monmouth, and have been in the ribbons at a dozen others. She is the greatest team mate I could ever hope for. A true star in the field and in the ring who takes care of me at every turn. Thank you for selling her to me. That's why I have come back to you over and over, and will continue to!"

Meredith Smith, Hauppauge, NY
"I called Debbie and told her I was looking for a large pony for myself. She
seemed to know exactly what I was looking for and the first pony I tried was absolutely perfect. Impeccable manners, a 10 mover and great over the jumps.
Debbie is an excellent saleswoman and I would recommend her to anyone."

Lisa Stackow, East Coast Stables, Middle Island, NY
"I have bought quite a few horses from Debbie Siegel over the years for either myself or my clients -- everything from short stirrup to children's hunters. They are all showing and winning. The horses were all reasonably priced and I never had a problem with any of them. Also, if I ever need something that she doesn't have in the barn, she'll go out of her way to find it for me."

Patty Messina, First Edition Farm, Smithtown, NY
"I really like doing business with Debbie because I know that she honestly represents the horses she sells. I can trust her and that is so important when you are looking for horses for your students. I have bought several horses from her over the years and they have all gone on to become winners at the horse shows."

Ross Kaplan, Huntington, NY
"I've known Debbie Siegel since I was showing in the pony hunters. As I moved up as a rider Debbie was always there to help me find a new show horse. Now that I am a trainer, Debbie is the first person I call when I need a horse for one of my clients. I know that whether I need a hunter, jumper or equitation horse, Debbie will find me a safe and sound horse at a reasonable price. "

John Russo, Babylon Riding Academy, Long Island, NY
"Debbie is great–-I love her! I bought over 50 horses from her in the past two years and every one of them has worked out. I don't think you can call that luck. She has an incredible eye for a horse."

Diana Malcolmson, Hampshire Farm, Shelter Island, NY
"I have been doing business with Debbie Siegel for 16 years. Most of my school horses came from her as well as horses for my clients."

Rita Gambino, Owner of Outlaw Acres, Long Island
Megan Murry purchased a 5-year-old QH gelding named
Dash for Cash a few months back. He is just too good to be true! Megan took him to his first show at Southaven and received a 1st in English Trail. Never practiced trail, all obstacles, a 10. He is doing barrels and poles and will be going to Steve Imes Barrel Clinic in February. He will excel in hunter class and stays calm enough to do both barrels and hunter classes, which takes a special kind of horse, which he is. We are hoping Megan will try some QH shows this year and will keep you posted. The kid and her trainers, Sheralee and Rachel, just love him. He is a pleasure to have in our barn. We are a western/English barn and you have found other horses for my friends that are just as nice. Keep up the good work-- it makes our job much easier!

Dana Kalbacher and Leigh Keyes, Long Island, NY
This is our new horse, May. We purchased her from Grouse Ridge and Debbie in August. She is a 6-year-old reg. Quarter Horse. We went to Debbie looking for a trail horse. We wanted something quiet and sane that we could take out on the trails a few days a week and have some fun with. We think we hit the jackpot with May.

Not only is she a wonderful ride but she is easy to work around and keep, and on top of all that, she is a very pretty well-bred Palomino! We're so grateful that Debbie listened to our needs and paired us up with such a lovely mare. We had been to other sale barns and their concern was making a quick deal. Not at Grouse pressure and we had a choice of several horses that fit our needs and price range. We wish her all the best with her new website but the best advertisement is a satisfied customer and we will vouch for that!

Dear Debbie,
This note is about a year overdue, but I only found your website the other day. My name is Karen, and my daughter rides with Julie Becker at Little Pine Farm. In December 2002, I bought a gray thoroughbred gelding from you, for my then 14 year old daughter, Cait. I don't know if Julie mentioned it to you, but we'd had some bad experiences in finding a horse for Cait. The first one was a track rescue that we adopted. Even with 6 months of professional training, this horse would rear any time she didn't feel like doing something, and although Cait loved the horse, she was also very much afraid of her. I ended up having to send her back to the adoption stable. We tried again the next year, and this time, the sweet gelding that seemed sound (and vet checked okay) when we tried him, came off the trailer after arriving at our barn, dead lame, with what turned out to be a severe case of 'string halt.'

We had to put him down just 5 days after we got him, and my daughter was heart broken. A few months later, we found Julie, and she started looking for a horse for us. The first one she found for us to try was a little appy mare. Kind of a "Plain Jane", but Cait loved her anyway so we decided to buy her. I was sitting there writing out the check, when I looked up and saw the mare was lame as Cait trotted around during her lesson! She had been favoring one foot a few days before, but the problem seemed to have been corrected by new shoes. Julie came over to me, shaking her head, and I agreed.

When we told Cait that we had to send "Abby" back, she started crying, so Julie took her into the tack room for a private meeting. I found out later that during this meeting, in a desperate effort to make Cait stop crying, Julie promised to find her a "perfect" horse, that was "more beautiful, more talented, and much better" than the one we had to send back. A pretty tall order, considering my limited budget!

We also had to contend with the fact that Cait (then an advanced beginner) needed something that would pack her around safely, yet not be so dead that she would outgrow it as her skills developed. I am HAPPY to report that "Ashton" (Out of the Ashes) turned out to be EXACTLY what we were looking for.

At first Julie and I were a little concerned that he might be too much horse for Cait, but for some reason, they just hit it off right from the start. Cait had a tendency to get nervous at the canter and grip tightly with her legs which we had seen fire up several other ponies and horses, but for some reason, she did not have this effect on Ashton.

Also surprising, Cait was completely relaxed on him, right from the start. The two of them bonded immediately, and he seems to really love her. Since Cait was basically just learning to jump, Julie thought it would be a while before she'd be able to jump Ashton, with his big, athletic style. But within a week after buying him, she decided to give it a try over a small cross rail.

The first time, Ashton jumped big, and Cait looked wobbly. The second time, he barely cleared it, keeping his back as flat as possible. Julie said "I LOVE this horse. A lot of other horses would have felt how loose she is and taken advantage of her, but he actually adjusted himself to hold onto her". Over the past year, Ashton continued to impress us. This August, one of Julie's older students, Erin Fletcher, showed him for us at the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show. It was only his second time in the ring, and he was incredible, sweeping the Baby Green division with blue ribbons in all classes. Every jumping round was better than the last, and by the end of the last trip, we all had tears in our eyes. It turns out, Ashton is a natural HAM and loves the attention and clapping. He literally struts out of the ring!

Cait was so thrilled and so proud of him. Ashton continues to amaze us. He's flashy, beautiful, a very talented jumper, sensible, has a good mind, brave, kind, and quite a character with tons of personality and a mischievous nature!

He is everything Julie promised my daughter, and MORE.

I'm sorry this short note has gotten so long, but I really wanted you to know how grateful we are for sending us the perfect horse, after such a long and heartbreaking search.

Thank you!

Dear Debbie,
Just a short note of thanks for the overo you sold my daughter this past week. The whole barn is already in love with him - sweetest temperament in the world. Amazing considering he's just coming three - so willing to please. He's still in the quarantine barn, but we hope to introduce him into the population sometime this week. I've attached a couple of pix of him in his new home. I have to tell you I was convinced he'd been aced when we saw him - too good to be true. This is my official apology! He's exactly what you represented him to be - and more. Kelly will train him up (he was purchased to train and resell) but I'm afraid we're going to have to keep him - we believe he's that good! Thank you again, Debbie. We most certainly will be back . . .

PS: We're calling him Hampton - two reasons, we found him on the Island and he is most certainly a Classic!

Bonnie Harner

Susan, Hanceville, Alabama
"I still cannot believe I found a wonderful horse like CJ. He is all I ever wanted in a horse. I admire you for the knowledge and determination to see that your horses are the best, whether in health or grooming-- not to mention honesty.

Your quality is something rare to find in a person. I bought CJ sight unseen. You shipped him to me, and he is all you said he would be and MORE! On a scale of 1 to 10, you and CJ are a 15 . Please feel free to copy this note and paste it to your web site. If you wish, include my email so that anyone can contact me. I will be more than happy to tell them how wonderful you are. Don't forget to find other horses for us!"



Jennifer Grant

Hello! This is long overdue, but I realize that equestrians searching for an amazing horse MUST know about your experience and ethic. They owe it to themselves, their clients or their children to look at your horses first. I know this may sound dramatic but I am serious. You told me that the most important thing is the horses mind and if that was not sound, you would go no further. No matter how beautiful or talented a horse may be, if it wasn't sound mentally you were not interested. Well I see over and over people around me that really should have learned that lesson from you, sadly they have not. They miss out on a true friendship with a willing, trusting athlete.

I wasn't looking for a horse that Sunday, but when Rowdy trotted out, all of 3 years old, I thought WOW! He is my once in a lifetime. A 10+ mover, honest, trusting, willing and enjoys our rides as much as I do. He clips, jumps on any trailer anywhere, even on the side of a road, jumps anything I point him at, and loves to snuggle and play. He loves dressage, hunter paces, and trail rides anywhere. He goes english and western and it wasn't until I was watching him in the paddock thinking he moves unlike any english horse I've ever seen...sliding and pivoting that I googled his pedigree. Much to my surprise his father is a 2 time National Champion Working Cow Horse, 317 halter pts. Impressive!!! I could only hope every horse crazy kid gets as lucky as me.I only wish I knew about you long before I turned 36! Thanks to you knowing what to really look for in a horse and not just any once in a lifetime! So many thanks!